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Okay, so I have been hearing all over Twitter that the powers of Glee that be are planning a Moulin Rouge episode. Months before that, I was hearing that Klaine should sing "Come What May" from that same movie. Well, I finally saw the movie last night, fell in love, almost cried, and agreed with the fandom. I cannot wait to see this episode and Klaine better be singing "Come What May" or "Your Song." And since Blaine is the student body president, I know just how it can happen:
Just imagine it: a Moulin Rouge-themed prom! "Where the rich and powerful come to play with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld." The magic! The beauty! A ribbon above the stage that reads: "The greatest lesson you will ever learn is just to love and to be loved in return." Oooh, it would be amazing! I can feel it in my bones!!
Blaine goes to prom with another man-yes, a painful concept, but go with it for now-and Kurt goes to prom to spy on him because he still loves him. Kurt sees them da
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Complete and Utter DENIAL at It's BEST :iconmoonlightgypsy1912:moonlightgypsy1912 0 1
Okay, I probably think too much about Glee-especially things Kurt Hummel related-but whatever. It's the way my mind works. And now my mind is very confused...
I think anyone would agree with me-Kurt fans and nonfans, Rachel-haters and Rachel-lovers-that Kurt Hummel is waay more popular of a character than Rachel. Or else, he is more liked. Yet-because she is Rachel Barbra EFFING Berry-she gets better treatment. And I am not even talking about the fact that Kurt nailed his audition while Rachel stalked Carmen Tibideux and choked yet Rachel got in anyway anymore (although I am still seething about that...) or the fact that Finchel has kissed 29 times in one season while Klaine only kissed four times in two seasons (but who's counting?). Well, those things do matter (A WHOLE HELL OF AN EFFING LOT) but the thing that is sticking in my mind at this point in time is how Rachel gets the sympathy when she doesn't get her way, but Kurt is expected to deal with it.
Let me explain with some of th
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R.I.P. My Sanity
Whether I am talking to my sister, posting a comment on a cool yet-mentally-disturbing-fanart/fanfiction, or simply writing, I seem to always emit the phrase "I am quietly DYING INSIDE." Now...I am sure my sanity has officially bitten the dust and I wish that it rest in peace.
I was trolling the Internet-after a long binge of reading fanfiction for the second time and stalking Chris Colfer's Twitter feed-and I came across Grant Gustin's imDb page. As those familiar with the incredibly hot actor knows, most hate him when he steps into the role of Sebastian Smythe on Glee. Personally, I ADORE Grant, but Sebastian really needs to run into a knife...several times. Anyway, according to Grant Gustin's imDb page, he has filmed-or will film-twenty-six episodes of Glee. As those who watched the show knows, he made his first splash on THE FIRST TIME, then returned HOLD ON TO SIXTEEN, MICHAEL, and then finished his Season Three run in ON MY WAY. Do the math, people! A season of Glee is twenty-two
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The Klaine Kiss (plus what happened NEXT)
    Kurt Hummel sat in the commons of Dalton Academy with a solemn expression on his face and a bottle of tacky glue in his hands. Clear boxes of rhinestones and other various craft objects sat in disarray in front of him. The small black casket in front of him was already lines with gold glass beads and a well-centered medium-sized gemstone, but Kurt felt the need to perfect the decoration for the casket for his beloved late canary. After all, did you expect his sweet prince to lie in the ground in anything less than what he deserved?
    Kurt continued to work as light footsteps came nearer to him.
    "What's that?" Blaine Anderson asked curiously, his heart skipping a beat when he saw Kurt hard at work on his project. He'd come down to see Kurt for one reason: to rehearse their duet for Regionals. This mission-no matter how platonic-didn't diminish the simple fact that the freiendly feelings he had for Kurt had deepened, b
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(Re-blog this even if you have posted it before. The link to the old page was broken, and we need your help connecting people to this live-link. Lets get this tumbling again!)
Fox has censored a semi-proposal scene between Klaine where Blaine gives Kurt a homemade gum wrapper ring.  According to, they have also removed Klaine scenes where the boys kiss, hold hands, dance, etc. (FOX claims the numerous scenes of Klaine that have been removed from the show were removed due to editing, and yet Fox somehow has the ability to include 4 Finchel kisses per every 2 episodes, while they have removed every Klaine kiss that has occurred in the last 17 episodes, as well as multiple romantic scenes between the two boys. According to Fox's own stats, Klaine is the most popular couple on the show, and yet their relationship has been stripped out of almost every episode for the last half of season 3). Fox initially promised to release the proposal scene (known as "the box scen
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Glee Mashup Ideas!!! :D
  Every season of Glee so far, there has been mashups (from the terror of "Hair/Crazy in Love" to the genius of "Livin' On a Prayer/Start Me Up") and I'm hoping the streak will continue in Season Four. Until I know that's true, here are just a few ideas for some mashups that I would find MOST excellent. Some of these may be confusing, but that's the point of a mashup, right? Finding two songs that don't necessarily belong together but end up sounding INCREDIBLE! Let's just hope for no more debacles like HAIR with Beyoncé! XD
1) "Sugar, We're Going Down/Thnks fr th Mmrs"-Fall Out Boy mashup
  Holy sweet Mother of God, this would be incredible. I love Fall Out Boy, I love these songs, and I love how they sound together so far. Plus, they haven't doen a single chord of Fall Out Boy yet, so Glee writers: LET'S GET ON IT! :)
2) "Underneath" by Adam lambert mashed up with "Glory" from RENT
  Dear Glee writers: MORE RENT PLEASE!!! You've done it ONCE, PLEASE
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